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08th Dec 2022

Woman who lived in Playboy mansion since the age of 11 says it was such a ‘weird f***ed up place’

Steve Hopkins

She didn’t want to speak out earlier ‘because I knew there would be serious consequences’

A woman who lived at the Playboy mansion from the age of 11 has revealed the full horror of Hugh Hefner‘s home, describing it as a “weird, f*cked up place”.

More than two years after the final print edition of Playboy was released –  and five years’s after the disgraced icon’s death in September 2017 – stories continue to illuminate what life in the mansion was really like. The latest expose comes from Channel 4 documentary, ‘Secrets of Playboy’.

It features an interview with Jennifer Saginor who was just 11 years old when she moved into the mansion. The now 51-year-old’s dad, Mark Saginor worked as Hefner’s doctor and came to be known as ‘Dr Feelgood’.

Talking about seeing the mansion for the first time, age six, Saginor said she thought it was a “magical kingdom”.

Her feelings have since changed, though Saginor says in the documentary that it has “taken me a long time to unravel what I experienced growing up and how I feel”, as she had felt a “sense of loyalty to this inner circle” after being “initiated” at a young age.

Saginor said: “I didn’t want to break that loyalty because I knew there would be serious consequences”, but added: “It was such a weird f*cked up place. ”

She said she initially viewed Hefner as a father figure and had “many happy memories” with him, however, things changed when she became a teenager.

“Hef would kiss with his mouth open in sort of a French kiss sort of way,” Saginor recalled in the doc.

“I always thought it was strange that someone who was like my uncle would kiss like that – but my father told me that’s what people do when they love each other.”

Saginor said she later realised women were seen as “commodities” at the mansion.

She told how, along with her sister, at a young age, Hefner would go over their bodies: “That was nerve-wracking because I don’t think either of us thought we measured up to what we thought was acceptable.”

Saginor got surgery age 15: “It’s just awful.”

She told the documentary that she remembers seeing women with naked men “all around them” and thinking she “never” wanted to be like them.

When she got older, Saginor fell in love with one of Hefner’s girlfriends, and said she slept with her while underage.

Hefner was thought to have not cared, but when Saginor was 17, she claims she was called to the mogul’s bedroom where her girlfriend was in bed with him.

“I feel like in that moment, Hefner crossed a boundary because he had always treated me like a daughter,” she said.

Saginor has also previously spoken about her experiences in a book called, Playground: A Childhood Lost Inside the Playboy Mansion.

A Playboy spokesperson told Channel 4: “We trust and validate women and their stories and strongly support the individuals who have come forward to share their experiences in this documentary.”

The statement went on to say Playboy is “proud of the work we have done in recent years to stand for freedom and equality while advancing our mission of pleasure for all.”

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