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21st Jun 2024

TV star leaves viewers disgusted after letting dog lick inside of his mouth

Ryan Price

He even stuck his tongue out to let the dog have a good lick.

Australian TV presenter Rove McManus was the source of shock and disgust when he let a dog lick the inside of his mouth on primetime TV.

During Friday’s episode of popular Aussie panel show The Project, a segment was aired promoting Bring Your Dog To Work day – an initiative started in 2014 to raise money for dog welfare.

If anything, the award-winning comedian and TV host provided an advertisement for why you shouldn’t allow dogs in the workplace, when he decided to french kiss a pooch in front of the nation.

The footage showed a dog licking the star’s face before he opened his mouth widely and extended his tongue, just to ensure the canine was getting the full experience.

Following the tedious and uncomfortably long dog/human smooching session, the show threw it back to the studio where McManus’ colleagues were visibly disturbed.

Rove insisted it was all in the name of good television, but his co-hosts weren’t ready to accept that as an explanation.

“You know, when it starts, and you’re like – I feel we’re probably going to use this,” he explained.

“And then it’s like – well, keep going just so we have coverage of the shot and make sure that there’s enough there!”

“There was enough,” one panelist replied.

“It will be on Rove’s OnlyFans!” another member chimed.

One person in the comments section underneath the clip failed to see anything wrong with the intimate behaviour.

They wrote: “My dog is my baby. I have no issues kissing my dog. Fortunate because he eats what I eat and such the breed he can’t reach and lick his bits etc. It’s a bit like being in a relationship with the wife.”

Another person raised some medical concerns. “Sepsis is very very dangerous and can prove fatal in many cases , he must be aware of that surely, if not he needs to be told,” they wrote.

One other user got plenty of laughs for writing: “I just hope there was an intimacy coach on set for this.”