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08th Jan 2023

The Bear creator and showrunner offer up details of what Season Two holds in store

Patrick McCarry

The show, set in Chicago, has proved to be a massive success

Anyone that has watched The Bear, in recent weeks or months, will have undoubtedly got in touch with family, friends or colleagues to say ‘Have you seen… ?’. The show is that gripping a second season promises to draw in even more viewers.

The show, which is streamed on Disney+ in the UK and Ireland (as well as Australia, Canada and more) but can be found on Hulu in the United States, has already been locked in for a season two after its runaway success.

The Bear follows Carmen ‘Carmy’ Berzatto as he returns to his hometown of Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop – The Original Beef. He strikes up a great partnership with Sydney, a sous chef, and they start dreaming of bigger and better things.

Throughout the eight episodes, we see Carmy battling with himself, his sobriety and coming to terms with the seismic tragedy in his family that brought him home in the first place.

During some recent interviews, creator Christopher Storer and showrunner/writer/director Jennifer Calo shed some light on what we can expect in The Bear season two.

The Bear season two – what is in store?

For anyone that watched the first season, The Bear‘s second spin will follow Carmy and Sydney after they boldly decide to strike out and go a whole new culinary direction.

During a wide-ranging interview with Variety, show creator Christopher Storer opened up on what The Bear season two may entail. He commented:

“Nobody’s fixed and everyone’s a work in progress. Every second counts… It really is the natural extension.

“The thing we talk about a lot is that winning is losing, so even though they have this new opportunity, it still creates a lot of the same problems… Season 2 really is about the opportunity to start fresh and what does that mean.

“What does Carmen and Sydney’s dream restaurant look like? But also at the same time, what is a dream restaurant in 2023 look like? I think that’s the thing they’re sort of battling with.”

Joanna Calo, who acts as a showrunner for The Bear and has both written for and directed episodes, was on The Hollywood Reporter’s TV’s Top 5 podcast recently and was initially coy, saying ‘very little’ of the season two plot had been locked in.

However, she did imply that there could be further dives into the pasts of the characters, which may well see Jon Bernthal show up again, as Mikey. We may also see Jimmy (Oliver Platt) surface.

“We are drawn to the differences,” said Calo. “That feels exciting to us. And again, hopefully unique. But also, there’s still stories about the past that needs to be told. So I think we’re hoping that there could be a little bit of both.”

For anyone looking to watch The Bear season two, it will once again be streamed on Disney+ in the UK.

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