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07th Oct 2020

QUIZ: Match The Office quote to the character who said it

Wil Jones

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The Office is possibly the most perfect TV show ever. Fourteen episodes of wonderfully drawn characters and pitch-perfect dialogue, that is endlessly rewatchable, and builds to a conclusion as satisfying and heartwarming as any other show you care to mention.

And no matter how disappointing some of Ricky Gervias’ later work can get, we just can’t stop watching The Office. 

And we also can’t stop quoting The Office. We’re pretty sure that if the English language was replaced by just The Office, Peep Show and The Simpsons references, a decent proportion of the JOE editorial team could still continue to communicate absolutely fine.

So, here is a quiz, with 15 quotes from The Office, and you just have to tell us which character said them.

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