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09th Sep 2022

Paddington Bear’s touching tribute to Queen has mourners in tears

Steve Hopkins

‘I hadn’t cried until just now. I suspect I’m not alone’

Paddington Bear has captured the hearts of the nation with a simple, yet moving, tribute to Queen Elizabeth II just a few months after they shared tea in a hilarious sketch.

Around 6.3opm on Thursday, the Royal Family announced the Queen had passed away peacefully at Balmoral earlier that day, aged 96.

And minutes later, Paddington joined millions of others in paying tribute. The beloved bear wrote: ‘Thank you Ma’am, for everything.’

Fans were incredibly moved by the post, with many being brought to tears. “Oh god, that’s the one that did it,” replied one, while another echoed the same sentiment by posting: “I hadn’t cried until just now. I suspect I’m not alone.”

A third wrote: “Oh Paddington, that just got me. I shall always remember you having afternoon tea with her, fondly. And I loved that the Queen kept a marmalade sandwich in her handbag, ‘for later.'”

Paddington and Her Majesty bonded just three months earlier over their love of marmalade sandwiches ahead of the Platinum Jubilee concert.

The Queen delighted millions of viewers after appearing in a comedy sketch with Paddington that kick started the Party in The Palace Jubilee Concert on Saturday, June 4. The duo tapped out the beat of Queen’s We Will Rock You anthem together on china teacups using silver spoons as a unique way of getting the celebrations under way.

The sketch, which the Queen spent half a day filming, was hailed by Britons as better than her Olympic opening show cameo with James Bond.

In the sketch the duo were pictured sat opposite each other at a table, laid for afternoon tea, in an opulent room. Paddington then told the Queen that he hoped she was “having a lovely Jubilee” before Her Majesty offered some tea.

The bear forgot all about his manners and started drinking from the spout of the teapot and then later sprayed cream from a chocolate eclair over a Palace Footman.

The Queen told Paddington of her love of marmalade sandwiches and how she keeps an emergency stash in her handbag.

The duffle-coat wearing bear showed the Queen how he stashed treats in his hat.

The Queen responded that she keeps “mine in here” before revealing her very own ready-made supply of the bread and orange preserve staple.

Commenting on her record-breaking reign Paddington said: “Happy Jubilee Ma’am. And thank you. For everything’ to which she replied, “That’s very kind.”

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