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19th Jun 2024

Netflix viewers rave about ‘one of the scariest shows ever’ with ‘insane’ plot twist

Ryan Price

The twisted thriller left viewers shook.

Several Netflix subscribers have described one series from 2021 as the show with the ‘biggest plot twist’ ever.

Over seven hundred people responded to a question posted by @PookiesParadise on X. They asked: “What’s a movie that had the BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER and it still blows your mind just thinking about it?”

While quite a few people responded with iconic films such as Parasite, Shutter Island and The Prestige, many more used the opportunity to rave about an “underrated” series that came out three years ago and largely flew under the radar.

Behind Her Eyes follows the story of a single mum who enters a world of twisted mind games.

It’s based on a novel by Sarah Pinborough, which was published in 2017 and sees Louise (played by Simona Brown) become entangled in an affair with her boss, a psychiatrist named David (Tom Bateman), only to become friends with his wife Adele (Eve Hewson).

You might remember Hewson from the 2022 Apple TV comedy series Bad Sisters. You may also know her as the daughter of U2 frontman Bono.

All is not as it seems in David and Adele’s marriage and things take a pretty dangerous and sinister turn for Louise, especially when Adele’s old friend, Rob, resurfaces from the past.

And let’s just say the plot twist will send you reeling, much like it seems to have done for many of the people who suggested it in the comments section.

Among those suggesting the psychological thriller was X user @theereal_one, who posted a photo of two of the film’s characters writing: “When I tell you I couldn’t sleep for like a week”.

Another user wrote: “I haven’t recovered from this limited series YET,” as another agreed: “This movie made me siicckk. It was so good but disturbing”.

One other user said: “Still traumatized” as someone else stated: “The twist is out of this world”.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the series has a critics score of 63%, while the audience gave it 58%.

Regardless of those scores, if you’re looking for a show to reel you in and then pull the rug from under you at the last minute, Behind Her Eyes sounds like it deserves a watch.

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