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18th Jun 2024

Netflix fans ‘can’t get enough’ of ’10/10′ thriller and are binge watching series in single day

Nina McLaughlin

“I was up until 3am watching it.”

A Netflix thriller has become a huge hit with viewers who have said they watched the entire thing in a single day.

The series, called Pact Of Silence, is directed by Carlos Villegas Rosales and written by José Vicente Spataro, and has a fairly impressive score of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It follows the story of Brenda Rey, played by Camila Valero, who was abandoned at birth and grew up homeless, but turned out to be a social media influencer.

The synopsis reads: “When she was an infant, four private-school kids left Brenda Ray in the middle of the woods, in a shack. 

“Brenda grew up homeless and was sexually abused, but through it all, she was determined to crawl her way out of poverty and make a name for herself. 

“Now she’s a powerful social media influencer with connections and resources people only dream of. 

“But instead of luxuriating in her riches and success, Brenda wants revenge on the women who conspired to hide her birth.

“With the help of her manager, Alex, she’s determined to find every single one of them, including the headmistress who enabled it all.”

The remainder of the cast includes Adriana Louvier, Marimar Vega and singer Litzy.

The series, which takes place in Mexico, has won the hearts of fans, who have shared their praise on social media.

“I usually don’t watch foreign shows that are voiced-over because the audio not matching the lip movements irritates me but this Pact of Silence show on Netflix was fire,” one person wrote.

A second put: “Pact of Silence on Netflix sooooooo good 10/10! I was up until 3am watching it.”

While a third said: “Y’all need to watch Pact of Silence on Netflix…. That s**t is tew good and messy.”

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