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07th Jun 2021

MCU fans freak out as Marvel confirms Loki is gender-fluid

Kieran Galpin


Following the success of both Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans are ecstatic that Marvel will once again return to our screens on Wednesday.

Loki, which is set to follow the God of mischief through a fractured timeline, has received great praise for its first two episodes. The News outlets that were lucky enough to watch the early release episodes have spoken highly about its use in developing Tom Hiddleston’s titular character.

The show will explore time travel, which was briefly touched on in Avengers Endgame, but never fully explored. Fans believe Loki will feed directly into the next MCU phase, as well as Dr Strange two.

Marvel released an 18-second promo on Sunday, which starts with what appears to be a personnel file of Loki. Eagle-eyed fans spied a peculiar detail that is very much true to their comic book origins. Loki is, in fact, gender-fluid.

Fans of Marvel comics will know that Loki has often changed their gender since their introduction in 1962. Odin refers to them as “my son, my daughter” on multiple occasions in the comics. Whether the show’s inclusion of this gender identity is merely a nod to their origins or perhaps a plot detail is yet to be seen.

With Marvel set to introduce its first openly gay character in the Eternals and a bisexual Valkyrie slated to find her Queen in the forthcoming Thor film, 2021 is set to be an excellent year for queer representation. No doubt people will react adversely to the character being labelled as such, but they can’t argue if it’s comic-book accurate.

Loki premiers on Wednesday 9th of June, on Disney+.