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23rd Jul 2021

John Simpson shouting w**ker on Good Morning Britain is peak TV

Danny Jones

John Simpson slips up and swears live on GMB

Johnny doesn’t mince his words does he

English foreign correspondent and veteran journalist, John Simpson CBE, made today’s episode of Good Morning Britain a little more entertaining after deciding to say w**ker live on telly.

A well-respected reporter in his 50+ years at the BBC, Simpson was invited on to the show to discuss his extraordinary career, including the time he was beaten and tortured with a mock execution during the invasion of Lebanon back in 1982.

However, as incredible as some of his stories are, the best was the one that ended in him telling a man holding a gun he was a “real w**nker”. Journalism at its finest, my friends.

We’re not going to lie, it’s made even funnier by Richard Madeley doing his best Wallace meets Partridge impression, but it’s nice to have somebody else supplying the awkward laughs for a change.

Madeley and co-host, of course, apologised for the unexpected outburst but they’re not fooling any of us: they enjoyed that just as much as the next person. John Simpson already had a glowing reputation, we dare say he’s cultivated a few new fans after that.

Aside from ordeal in Beirut, Simpson has reported from over 120 countries, including thirty war zones, and interviewed numerous world leaders in his time. Not only that, the 76-year-old has written 15 books and featured in a plethora of documentaries and TV productions.

Even the old guard love a naughty word.