Superman writer donates to LGBT charity under names of homophobic trolls 3 months ago

Superman writer donates to LGBT charity under names of homophobic trolls

The writer stuck it to the homophobes in the best way possible

A comic book writer has donated to LGBTQ+ charities in the names of the people who sent him death threats following Superman's coming out arc.


Let's be clear, Clark Kent is not gay - but his son, who is currently the Man of Steel in the DC Universer, is bisexual and dating a man.

The change was announced last year and was immediately picked up across the world by just about every publication you can imagine. While the response was largely positive, there were a few super-fans who just couldn't go on without sharing their feelings - some of which are incredibly aggressive.


DC writer Tom Taylor received many of said messages, with one saying Taylor would "die in pain" while also calling him a "fcking piece of Sh!t!!!!!!"

In response, Taylor replied: "I'm glad you censored the swearing.

"Could have been quite offensive, otherwise."


But Taylor did not stop with the witty reply and instead donated $50 to Queer charity Minus 18. The Australian-based group aims to improve the lives of LGBTQ youth - and now thanks to one hater, they can help more people.

Taylor shared the news on Twitter, to which one fan responded: "Comics really do be the best."

Another replied: "I will never tire of these kind of clapbacks against bigotry. [email protected]!"

The comment section is full of people sharing their experiences but most notably, how happy they are that characters like Superman, Aquaman, and Tim Drake's Robin are finally batting for team rainbow.


"As a gay guy just coming to realise that fact back in the early 90's having Northstar come out was mind blowing and wonderfully affirming for me. Yeah, he wasn't the highest profile character at the time, but it still mattered to me. This will matter to so many more kids. Thanks," another fan replied.

ScreenRant reports that Taylor is pioneering LGBT characters across many comics, so there should be plenty of donations still to come in theory.

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