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14th Jun 2022

Stranger Things fans have a game-changing theory on Eddie’s real identity

Charlie Herbert

Stranger Things Eddie Munson

Eddie Munson: a theory…

There has been a lot to like about Stranger Things 4. Feature length episodes, a darker tone, an amazing villain, Kate Bush.

But for many, the highlight of the season has been one man: Eddie Munson, the leader of Hellfire Club itself.

Despite only being introduced this season, the metalhead has captured the hearts of many and has quickly become a fan favourite.

Now, one person has come up with a potentially game-changing theory for the character and a secret identity he may have.

In a video, TikTok user Dizay suggests that Eddie may in fact be one of Eleven’s fellow inmates at the Hawkins National Laboratory as part of Dr Brenner’s research project.

Throughout the season we get flashbacks to when Eleven was part of the project at the lab and was being experimented on and trained by Dr Brenner along with several other children with telekinetic powers.

Dizay highlights a clip where Eddie mentions that when he was younger his “hair was buzzed” and that there is a similarity between Eddie and the younger 010 we see in Eleven’s flashbacks.

He also always wears a watch on his left wrist where his number tattoo would be, potentially as a way to hide his identity.

The main issue is this – in episode seven though, we see Vecna a.k.a Henry Creel/001 kill all of the children at the lab apart from Eleven.

But Dizay points out 010 is the only child who doesn’t get their eyes “blown up,” suggesting he may have survived Vecna’s killing spree.

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Admittedly, it’s quite a farfetched theory but it certainly can’t be ruled out, and there are definitely going to be one or two twists still to come in the season.

And with just over two weeks until the final two episodes of the season are released on Netflix, fan theories are flying around left right and centre like a swarm of Demobats.

There’s this one here about which came first, Vecna or the Mind Flayer. And then there’s this one which is really worrying Lucas fans.

It won’t be too long before we get all, or at least most, of the answers to our questions though. The final two episodes of the Stranger Things season four are dropping on July 1.

Hold onto your butts brochachos!

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