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31st Jul 2019

What happens when you give Stifler’s Mom full control of your dating app profile?

Wil Jones

“I’m going to make you sound like a bit of a jerk”

Dating is hard. If only you had someone wise to give you advice – someone like Stifler’s Mom from the American Pie movies, maybe?

I recently got to sit down with Jennifer Coolidge, the great comedian who played Stifler’s Mom in all four of the American Pie movies (but not the straight-to-DVD spin-off movies – only Eugene Levy, aka Jim’s Dad, turned up for those). I could have asked her about her decades-long Hollywood career. I could have quizzed her about appearing in one of the most beloved teen movie franchises ever. Or about her role in the Legally Blonde films. Or being in the video for Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next.’ Or the time she worked with Werner Herzog and Nic Cage on Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Or doing a voice in The Emoji Movie.

Instead, I handed her my phone and let her go through my dating app profile. It was maybe not the wisest decision I have ever made.

If you want to feel old, this is the 20th anniversary of the first American Pie movie. Jennifer Coolidge first played Stifler’s Mom in that film, memorably getting it on with Finch (Eddie Kay Thomas), a school friend of Stifler (Seann William Scott). Coolidge would return to play the role in 2001’s American Pie 2, 2003’s American Wedding and 2012’s American Reunion. At the end of that final film, she got together with Jim’s dad.

Jennifer Coolidge was celebrating the 20th anniversary of American Pie with NOW TV in their London pop-up pie shop. New customers can get a NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass for just £4.99 – the same price you would have paid for a ticket in 1999 (offer available until the 4th August 2019). For more information visit