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26th Jun 2018

Piers Morgan is scared that his son is going on Love Island

No more false Gods

Oli Dugmore

No more false Gods

Piers Morgan has set out his Love Island stall with the assuredness of Harry Kane taking a penalty against Panama. See, we do football and trash TV. He has called the constructed reality show’s participants the “most stupid people in the world.”

Or, in full: “We have had a debate about the mental abilities of those on Love Island. I think they’re the most stupid people in the world. Susanna thinks they’re moral guardians of the nation and we should all be watching.”

So when his son tweeted a picture of a Love Island branded sippy cup, Piers feared the worst.

Piers was horrified at his son’s picture, tweeting him: “You’re not going IN there… are you?!!!?”