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20th Nov 2018

The LeBron James-starring Space Jame 2 set to start shooting in California

Wil Jones

The long-awaited sequel is finally happening

Space Jam is the perfect example of one of those things that is objectively awful, but also kind of wonderful.

It is a sneaker commercial turned into a ‘feature length’ movie that is barely is barely 80 minutes without credits. It turns beloved pop culture characters into corporate shills. It gives an athlete with no acting experience a leading role, and expects him to carry a big movie (he cannot).

Yet it was absolutely massive at the time, and anyone who grew up then has an unconditional love of it, even though it is barely a movie.

The soundtrack is full of wall-to-wall bangers though.

Anyway, rumours of a sequel have bounced around for years, with Tiger Woods even possibly set to star at one point. Finally ,though, the follow-up was finally confirmed in September, with LeBron James set to take the place of Michael Jordan.

Creed and Black Panther Ryan Coogler is also on-board to produce the film.

Since then, we’ve had little new information. But now Variety have revealed another little nugget of information, confirming that the film is due to shoot in California.

It is one of 15 new movies selected by the state to be included in its incentive program and receive tax credits for filming there.

If you are super-into the minutiae if film financing, then head over to Variety to read more. If you are a normal person though, what this really means is that the film is likely to be set in California, and more importantly, is moving ever closer to production. Which is a good thing, right?

Get excited. Or, you could go and watch Looney Tunes: Back In Action on Netflix. Whatever works for you.