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15th Apr 2015

Shock horror! Californian man hospitalised after eight-week Candy Crush Saga session

This is our generation's crack cocaine...

Ben Kenyon

Candy Crush Saga.

For many it’s just a fun online game but for millions more it brings misery with endless Facebook invitations to ‘come and play’.

Well the madness must end now.

JOE has ‘proof’ that this game is not only frighteningly addictive but highly dangerous *said with Daily Mail levels of sensationalist hyperbole and sarcasm.

A California man ended up in hospital with a torn tendon in his thumb after sessioning the game non-stop for between six to eight weeks.

The 29-year-old Candy Crush Saga fiend went to the doctor complaining of pain and problems moving his thumb.

A scan revealed a tendon tear that would need surgery to fix.

Does this sound like a fun puzzle game?

David Cameron we call on you to act right now, before our children are left crippled and thumbless.

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(H/T Daily Mirror)