Sex Education has been renewed for a fourth series 1 month ago

Sex Education has been renewed for a fourth series

Let's start binging the first three seasons now!

Netflix executives have confirmed that the beloved show Sex Education, which has just seen its third season released, will be coming to our screens once again for season four.


During TUDUM: A Netflix Global Fan Event on Saturday, Netflix confirmed that the show will return for another instalment.

The third season, which was released early this week, has been met with great reviews and fans already begging for another season.

Sex Education follows the lives of students, staff, and parents at Moordale Secondary School, where they battle the usual worries and woes of most coming of age stories. The show has been applauded for its incredible depiction of sex and its diverse set of narratives, and brilliant acting from cast members.

Gillian Anderson, who plays parent and sex therapist, Dr Jean Milburn, recently said she doesn't let her kids watch the show. Appearing on the Radio Times podcast, Anderson noted that the show shouldn't serve as a substitute for sex education.


She explained: "In my own experience I think they need to know that even if it's awkward, they can come, and it's a safe environment for them to come and say anything they need to say or admit to anything they need to admit to.

"And unless we extend that to that safety net to them, they're not going to know that.

"So I think that perhaps it's a bit of both."


She continued: "But I have to say I am living happily in the denial that my children do not watch the show - so I'm with you in one regard!"

Watch our catchup with the cast of Sex Education:


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