Screech and Slater had a mini 'Saved By The Bell' reunion 4 years ago

Screech and Slater had a mini 'Saved By The Bell' reunion

Where are Kelly and Zack and the rest of the gang?

Mario Lopez (better known as AC Slater) and Dustin Diamond (the one and only Screech) have been on two very different paths since Saved By The Bell wrapped up in the '90s.

Lopez has won himself a successful career in TV, hosting America's Best Dance Crew, before moving on to host the American version of The X Factor, and winning an Emmy as a news reporter.

Things have not been as shiny for former geek Diamond, who ended up making a porno movie in order to earn some money and went to prison for four months last year for pulling out a switchblade during a fight.

The two met up this week in the context of Lopez interviewing Diamond about his time in prison.

Speaking of his experience, Diamond said: “It’s pretty scary going into that environment. I found that as long as you follow the rules and stay with the system, it works. You can get in and out unscathed.”

Diamond also made it clear that he wants to turn his life around, saying: “I want to put the tomfoolery and malarkey behind me… for that clean slate. Time for a change.”

Just to make you feel even OLDER, Diamond is now aged 39, and Lopez is 42 - though you wouldn't be able to tell from the shape he's in!