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11th Mar 2018

Saturday Night Takeaway viewers are convinced last night’s Read My Lips was fixed

James Dawson

They have claimed that James Corden appeared to ‘cheat’.

Wow. Wowza. Wozinga. Gameshows these days, aye, so much less wholesome than they used to be.

I mean, sure, on Bullseye, winning usually just meant that contestants would go home with a speed boat – rather than a big cash price – but at least they were no allegations of the show being a setup.

But here we are in 2018 and following allegations of a fix on The Chase a few weeks back after the last second of the gameshow seemed to last an eternity (which you can watch below), now there’s a claim that last night’s Saturday Night Takeaway was rigged too.

Fans of Ant and Dec’s show believe that last night James Corden managed to ‘cheat’ to let one competitor win – with Corden apparently giving the correct answer, “tiger”, before a woman had even mouthed it.

Watch it here and judge for yourself:

She won herself tickets on the plane to Florida for the series finale in the last moments of the segment. But here’s what people were saying on Twitter afterwards:

I’m going to stop and point out right now that it might have just been that they didn’t hear it over the crowd – and that she did, in fact, almost certainly mouth the word before he answered. Still, everyone loves a conspiracy.