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24th Jul 2018

Sam made an appearance on the Love Island podcast this morning used it to rinse Laura

He obviously wasn't a fan

Orlaith Condon

He obviously wasn’t a fan

Just days after Georgia and Sam left the Love Island villa, the pair are doing the media rounds and making the most of their new-found fame.

And while things got a little awkward on Aftersun on Sunday between Georgia and Ellie, it was Sam who caused a stir on the Morning After podcast this morning.

Yes, the man who referenced his last name far too much was on the official Love Island podcast this morning with his new GF and while much of the chat was about Georgia’s antics, Sam made sure his opinion on OG Laura was heard.

When asked about whether or not he thought Laura would lose the head over the results of Paul’s lie detector test, Sam made it very clear that he was not a fan of the Scottish air hostess.

“She doesn’t like it when she’s single. She likes to be with a boy – quickly,” Sam said.

“She said last night that with Paul it’s been a day with him and she’s more in love with him than she was the other two.

“After a day – that’s a bit weird, isn’t it?”

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In a bid to defend Laura, host Arielle said:

“Yeah, but I think that’s just when you have a connection with someone.”

However, Sam was not stopping there and made it pretty clear that he’s not loyal to Laura.

“But she did say she had a connection with Wes, she said she was full on with him.

“And also with Jack – didn’t wanna know. And now it’s with Cool Paul, what is going on?”

Yep, Sam went IN on Laur, who let’s face it, has had a rough enough time of it as of late already.

And in a bid to add her two cents, Georgia then spoke about the likelihood that everything is going to kick off between OG Laura and Cool Paul tonight, saying:

“I’ll be worried that I’m not gonna be in that villa if it all goes wrong.

“I will be worried that I’m not there because it’s always me chasing after them girls, it really is.”

So, we’re guessing Sam and Gee and Laura and Paul won’t be going on double dates when they’re out of the villa then?


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