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15th Apr 2017

Riz Ahmed perfectly describes the difference between British and US music festivals

Paul Moore

We appreciated the little pop at Kendall Jenner.

Aside from recently starring in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Night Of, Jason Bourne, The OA and countless others, Riz Ahmed is keeping himself very busy with his other main passion, music.

As you may know, the Londoner is also an accomplished musician and his band, The Sweatshop Boys, were playing at Coachella this weekend where they brought the house down.

It’s no surprise to see that their latest album, Cashmere, referenced recent events like Donald Trump and Brexit because the star of Four Lions and Nightcrawler has established himself as one of the most articulate an informed speakers around.

Take a look at his speech on diversity at the House of Commons for further proof of this. Well, when he’s not addressing MPs, it’s clear that Ahmed loves nothing more than performing to a live audience.

Here’s how he got on at Coachella.

Inshallah. (Mashallah)

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While Ahmed is one of the most switched on people around, Kendall Jenner clearly didn’t use good judgement when she recently agreed to feature in that infamous Pespi ad that rightfully received a massive backlash.

Well, a festival is always a great place for for people to meet but ever since people vented their furor over the Pepsi advert, Jenner has decided to pursue a period of public and social media silence.

This being said, the reality TV star is at Coachella this weekend because she’s hosting an event for the Bumble dating app and also DJ’ing an event over the weekend. Of course she is.

Given that Ahmed is there also, his views about the differences between British music festivals and US ones are just perfect.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he explained the differences in the most realistic way possible.

“I passed through Coachella once, it’s really different to UK festivals actually. Well, I mean at Glastonbury, or any UK festival really, the people are really going for it. They’re super drunk, they’re throwing up on each other, it’s really rainy, everyone’s covered in mud…you know, they’re amazing! But, you know, Coachella is a bit more glamorous and a bit more chilled. I think the worst thing that could happen there would be if Kendall Jenner handed you a beverage.”

The man couldn’t be any more right. Take a look.