Real life Squid Game has started in South Korea 10 months ago

Real life Squid Game has started in South Korea

Calm down, people aren't actually dying in this one. That would be wrong

It was always going to happen, wasn't it? Squid Game is happening in South Korea in real life—well, kind of...


As reported in the Korea Times, St. John’s Hotel in Gangneung will be hosting a real-life version of the show in an event that will see the winner receive five million won (approximately £3,090). It may not be as much as the prize money on the show but hey, at least you don't die in this one.

The hotel, located in the Gangwon Province of the country, shared information on the 'St. Game' event on their website as well as with a post on their Instagram. It costs just 10,000 won (£6.16) to register. Bargain.

One of the best parts about this adapted experience is that you don't need to be a guest at the hotel to be a part of it, nor is there an age restriction, meaning this thing could end up more like Raven than it does Squid Game.


As explained on the site, competitors receive a mysterious business card with a phone number before being sent to a pine forest near the hotel. From there, they compete in four games inspired by the show: 'the Mugunghwa flower has bloomed' ('Red Light, Green Light'), 'ttakji-chigi' (paper tile flipping), the now iconic 'dalgona (flat sugar candy) challenge' and a classic tug of war.

All that being said, the event itself is already underway, having actually kicked off on October 4 and set to run until October 31. What a way to spend your Halloween: potentially surviving the Squid Game and walking away around £5k richer.

Not only has it already been hugely popular in the country - quickly selling out all tickets once word had spread - but we can see this format being reproduced and similar events taking off all around the world

The hit show created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, which became Netflix's most-watched show ever this week, is a global phenomenon and people are obsessed with it; there is already a talk of a season two, which hopefully means more games and more of the same craziness that captured everyone's attention this past month or so.


And who knows, maybe we'll see someone take note and trying out those games on British shores sometime soon?

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