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05th Jul 2017

Reaction to date’s profession did not go down well on First Dates

Not the most popular man in the show's history

Darragh Murphy

Here’s a little tip for you if you ever find yourself on a date with a dominatrix.

Don’t get all weird and act like all she brings to the table is sex!

This week’s episode of First Dates saw the dynamic of an evening change entirely once John found out that Sherry worked as a dominatrix.

Rather than react with curiosity about what we can all agree is an intriguing profession, John reacted like a 14-year-old schoolboy who’d just seen an ejaculating penis scribbled on the front cover of his mate’s copybook.

Laughter came in waves, interrupting Sherry’s story, and suddenly John was only interested in one thing.

When Sherry excused herself to use the restroom, John was approached by the waiter and behaved as if there wasn’t a camera crew filming him for one of the most popular shows on television.

“Man, she’s a dominatrix,” John said. “I think she’s good to go baby.”

Well good to go she wasn’t as, while John was trying to impress the staff, Sherry was branding him “arrogant” during a phonecall with her friend.

“She’s totally besotted with me,” John assured the waiter/himself and, when asked what he’d like to do on a second date, he suggested that “she could take me to the cellar and tie me up.”

Suffice to say that Sherry wasn’t interested in said second date and the social media reaction tells you everything you need to know about John’s behaviour.


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