Rapper Slim 400 dies aged 33 after LA shooting 5 months ago

Rapper Slim 400 dies aged 33 after LA shooting

The shooting happened on Wednesday night

Rapper and musician Slim 400, real name Vincent Cohran, has died at the age of just 33.


As reported by TMZ, the Compton-based rapper was shot and killed during a firefight in Inglewood, an area towards the southwest of Los Angeles, California.

So far, no outlet has any further details as to what exactly happened during the incident, with law enforcement simply stating that the rapper was gunned down on Wednesday, December 9th in Inglewood and that is unclear how many suspects were involved.

Fellow musician and friend Mud Dolla Mayor posted this picture to Instagram, simply with the caption: "Pull thru not tryna hear the Bs I’m hear’n pray for @slim400blk"


Cohran was actually born in Germany before moving to the US as a child in Compton: a city with an iconic background in music - most notably, hip-hop and R&B.

He actually narrowly escaped survived a shooting in 2019 when he was shot 9 times in LA also. Back then, Slim claimed he was ambushed in the attack while visiting family in his hometown.


While it still remains unclear what the motive behind this attack was, more details are sure to come as police investigate.


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