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03rd Sep 2022

Radio host wanted to ‘push over that kid’ Hasbulla after he threw bare knuckle punches at producer’s head

Steve Hopkins

They don’t call him the ‘Mini Khabib’ for nothing

A radio host has said she wants to “push over that kid” after a brawl between one of her producers and social media star Hasbulla Magomdeov got a little out of hand.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson reacted angrily to the play fight after interviewing the Russian social media influencer on her radio show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show, in Australia this week.

The three-foot TikTok star then took part in a boxing match against show  producer Lachy “the geek” Mansell.

The fight was supposed to be a bit of fun, but Hasbulla appeared to get a little carried away throwing a series of bare-knuckle punches at the producer’s face and head. He also got him in a headlock and lashed out at another show assistance when he tried to intervene.

Mansell was far more playful, pulling his punches and even taking a dive soon after the bell.

Other producers seemed to believe the fight had gone too far as they ended it by encouraging Mansell to throw in the towel.

Jackie watched the antics via livestream from the studio’s rooftop as Hasbulla, who also goes by the name ‘Mini Khabib’s’ – after Khabib Nurmagomedov – refuses to be pictured with women.

The radio host thought Hasbulla took advantage of the situation, saying: “Can I just say… obviously I was not allowed in the area and nor was Brooklyn (Ross, who is a gay newsreader) but when I was watching it live up on the roof, I literally was like, ‘I want to get in the ring and push that kid over.’ That’s how I felt.”

The 47-year-old radio host continued: “I seriously did. When he was, like, hammering Lachy. I mean, I felt bad for Lachy.”

Kyle Sandilands, her co-host, disagreed, saying he had no sympathy for Mansell, suggesting the producer could have taken advantage of the height difference to knee Hasbulla in the face.

“Night, night! Cop that! That’s for Ukraine, you dog,” he said.

Jackie argued that the producer could have easily hurt Hasbulla, but decided not too as it was not the right thing to do.

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