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14th Sep 2019

QUIZ: You’ve got two minutes to name the 8 films Michael Owen has seen in his entire life

Rudi Kinsella

Michael Owen hates films. He really hates them

Back in 2014, Michael Owen took to Twitter to complain about watching a movie on a flight, in a manner that suggested he did so against his will.

“Must have been bored,” Owen said after watching his eighth ever movie, probably still thinking about that rabbit he ran over a few years ago.

The former Ballon d’Or winner (yes, the football commentator who is mocked on the regular actually was voted the best player in the world at one point), was vocal about how he “hates films”, and revealed that he has been forced to watch the only movies he has ever seen in his life.

What’s even more confusing about the Newcastle legend’s (sorry) list, is that most of them are actually quite good movies.

But they obviously just didn’t do it for him…

It’s also been pointed out to him that he is literally IN the sequel to Goal, but he obviously just hasn’t bothered to watch it, as that does not make his list.

Here’s where the quiz comes in.

You have to name every film Michael Owen has ever seen. And yeah, we know he might have seen a new one since 2014, but come on, it’s not likely.

We’ve also given you a few clues to help, because there is literally no other way you would get all of these right.

Good luck…

If the quiz isn’t displaying properly for you, just click here.