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11th Apr 2018

BBC Breakfast presenter accidentally falls into swimming pool live on TV

James Dawson

He was mid-interview when he slipped.

There’s definitely something about the BBC – a broadcasting service revered across the world – that makes any on-air mess ups more hilarious than they would have been on a rival channel.

It’s hard to imagine the children who burst into a news correspondent’s room during a news broadcast, or the man who was forced to blag being a technology expert, being quite as funny if it wasn’t on the Beeb.

So, with that said, I’m pleased to be able to inform you that today another of the service’s presenters had an on-air nightmare.

Coming in live from Australia’s Gold Coast on BBC Breakfast, Mike Bushell fell into a swimming pool whilst speaking to UK swimmers competing in the Commonwealth Games.

It happened when Bushell failed to spot a step, resulting in him taking a plunge and nearly submerging his microphone in the water

With his fellow presenters in hysterics, Bushell responded: “I didn’t see the step! Sorry about that.

“Well that’s given you all a good laugh. Just look before you get in a swimming pool in future. ‘All the people watching here are literally on the floor.”