Pokemon might be about to confirm that classic Professor Oak fan theory 4 years ago

Pokemon might be about to confirm that classic Professor Oak fan theory

Pokemon fans... it's time to talk about Professor Oak.

The wizened old mentor of the original Pokemon games, over the years many fan theories have sprung up about Professor Oak.


He used to be the Champion of Kanto.

He lied about how many Pokemon there are in the world.

He's secretly Ash Ketchum's dad.


Wears the same clothing over and over? Spends a lot of time in a shed? Very few noticeable hobbies. Sounds like a Dad.

For years Pokemon fans have theorised that Professor Oak was secrectly Ash Ketchum's father. While the official line from the Pokemon games and television shows were Ash's father is out on his own quest, there has been plenty speculation that Oak is your dad is disguise.


And now the theory has been gained some extra credence thanks to the folks at Kotaku.

As they report, the "Oak is Ash's Dad" theory can trace its roots to an infamous banned episode of the Pokemon cartoon.

In the episode "Beauty and The Beach", Ash bumps into his mum while she's on holiday. Only she's with Professor Oak. Just because.

It's never explained why Ash's mum would go on holiday with her son's mentor. It was a little odd, but since the episode was banned (there was a plot point around a beauty contest, it was strange), it mostly got swept under the carpet.


Until 2005, when episode "Showdown at the Oak Corral" seemed to show Professor Oak write a love poem that Ash's mum Delia thought was intended for her.

Again, a little odd that Delia would think her son's mentor would write her a poem, but no harm no foul.

Only now it's 2016, and in the latest Pokemon episode Ash rings his mum only to find...


Professor Oak. Chilling out like it ain't no thing.

Maybe Oak and Delia are just friends. Not all relationships have to be romantic. But for some Pokemon fans, this latest development is just a little too convenient.


Mercy me...

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