Pokemon Go will be making its way into the next series of The Simpsons 5 years ago

Pokemon Go will be making its way into the next series of The Simpsons

The Pokemon Go craze has been absolutely unavoidable in the last fortnight.

Where do we even start? We've had (*takes deep breath*) people championing the game for the way it helps tackle mental health problems, a soldier catching a Squirtle on the frontline in Iraq, a guy using the game for weight loss, Borussia Dortmund players fiddling around with it on the team coach, MLS teams using the game to announce new signings, Jeremy Corbyn getting involved, news reporters playing when they were supposed to be listening to a briefing, and most importantly, a David Attenborough narration (*exhales*).



It was, then, only a matter of time until the biggest cartoon on the planet started thinking about how it could work the augmented reality app into a storyboard.

The creators of The Simpsons told fans at Comic-Con that Season 28 will have an entire episode dedicated to Niantic Labs' masterstroke of a title. The long-running show has always been great at parodying pop culture phenomenons, and considering this particular one frequently involves fully-grown adults pursuing invisible monsters through the park, we're quite excited to see what the writers come up with.


There's already an online short available to watch, which shows Homer playing the game and totally ignoring the antics of Bart and Lisa in the background. Although Digital Spy note that producer Al Jean has said the full-length episode will focus on the kids' Pokemon Go obsession, rather than their dopey Dads'.


Jean also told Entertainment Weekly that although the episode is likely to air later on in the season, he's "fully confident that it's still going to be a big thing."

We know better than to disagree at this stage. Anyone know where we can find an Abra?


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