Pokemon Go is FINALLY out in the UK 5 years ago

Pokemon Go is FINALLY out in the UK

We've spent nearly a week jealously watching all the fun that the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and seemingly every country that isn't the UK has been having with Pokémon Go.

Although some Android users have been able to install the game via its APK file, and iPhone owners by tweaking their iTunes account settings, most of us (although not all of us at JOE) have had to sit around waiting for it to land in our app stores. We had no idea how much we wanted to chase Pikachu around the streets of London until someone told us we weren't allowed to yet.


But it's time to round up your Poké Balls and get your game face on: Pokémon Go is OUT NOW on iTunes and Google Play.


The game uses the GPS functionality on your phone to guide you to various places and notifies you when a Pokémon is nearby. Through augmented reality you're able to see the monsters sitting in real-world locations on your phone's screen, and then it's up to you to battle and collect 'em all. Brilliantly, the game also responds to the environment you boot it up in, so water-type Pokémon are more likely to crop up near lakes or rivers.

Those dedicated to the cause will probably have to get used to the baffled staring of the general public, but any amount of mockery is a worthy sacrifice to be a badass Pokémon trainer.

So download it now on iOS here, and for Android here.

Have fun out there, play nice - unless you spot a rare Pokémon, in which case do everything in your power to nab that thing - and make sure you send us your best screenshots from the game at [email protected], or drop us a message on Facebook.