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22nd Nov 2018

Giant Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z balloons float through New York at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Wil Jones

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been an American tradition for nearly a century

The annual November tradition sees the streets of New York filled with ominous inflatable likeness of beloved kids characters, as well as perky pop performers playing popular hits.

This year, however, the parade was infiltrated by an oversees menace: anime.

Alongside mainstays like Charlie Brown and Bugs Bunny, Goku, the star of the Dragon Ball franchise, made his debut as a big New York balloon.

Obviously, this went down a storm online, as anime nerds on Twitter lol’d at fuddy-duddy news presenters getting befuddled by Dragon Ball lore.

In that video, they say that Goku is about to “become a movie star” – Wikipedia lists 20 animated Dragon Ball movies so far, along with the live-action American adaptation Evolution from 2009.

Goku wasn’t the only anime character in attendance – Pikachu also had a giant balloon.

Pikachu actually first appeared in the parade all the way back in 2001, during the first wave of Poke-Mania.