There’s a Game Of Thrones-themed bar and it's your next destination 5 years ago

There’s a Game Of Thrones-themed bar and it's your next destination

Drinks are coming.

Aside from being the world's most beloved show, both critically and commercially, Game of Thrones has had a massive social impact. For example, events in Westeros have somehow managed to redefine the rules of fine dining. Ok, hear us out.


After seeing the show, just like The Hound, we refuse to start any meal without saying "I understand that if any more words come pouring out your c**t mouth, I'm gonna have to eat every fucking chicken in this room." What drink should we choose to accompany this delicious and deadly meal? How about a Tyrion Lannister-sized glass of wine.

Now that's fine dining.


Another lesson that we've learned from Game of Thrones is that any invitation to a dinner party in Westeros should be ignored, see the Red and Purple Weddings for further proof of that, but if you want to experience the finest dining outside of the Seven Kingdoms, this bar in Edinburgh is definitely for you.

The Daylight Robbery bar on Dublin Street, Edinburgh will be running a pop-up Game of Thrones-themed bar for eight weeks from 4 January, and it’s being organised by the nice people of The Pop Up Geeks.

If you fancy a tipple, you'll be pleased to know that there's a healthy selection of wines and cocktails available.

Cersei would approve of this menu.


Buzzfeed have reported that Myrish fire wine (a blend of white wine, dragon pepper, tomato, and chilli), is available, and that's not all.

There's also enough meat to feed Night's Watch, a feast for crows indeed, and if you're looking for some post-dinner fun, they even have props that you can play with.


Yes, your eyes don't deceive you. Jon Snow's sword Longclaw is lying beside a shield with the Stark sigil engraved on it.

We would have endless craic with this. Who fancies a trip to Scotland?



Images via - The Pop Up Geeks.