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13th Dec 2016

James Blunt beats everyone to the joke they were going to make about his new album

Conor Heneghan

Just when you had finally managed to push ‘You’re Beautiful’ out of your head…

Say what you like about his music, but James Blunt knows his way around social media.

Time and time again, the singer has proved himself to be the master of the comeback on Twitter, mostly by acknowledging the fact that he made loads of money from one of the most annoying songs in recent memory and that he doesn’t care that people might resent him for it.

Remember this? You might have heard it at a house party or ten in the mid-2000s…

Clip via James Blunt

Blunt was trending on Twitter again on Tuesday morning after once again showing his flair for self-deprecation when flagging the release of some new material in 2017.

May God have mercy on us all.

Give the people what they want James…