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26th Jun 2018

People think Adam Collard’s ex is heading into Love Island after posting cryptic message

James Dawson

This would be game-changing

It looks like Love Island‘s infamous snake, Adam Collard, is going to be on the receiving end of a snaking of his own from the show’s producers as his ex-girlfriend Claudia Proctor could soon be heading into the villa.

The speculation comes after she posted on Twitter saying she was having an “exciting day/week” and “mentally preparing [herself] to pack”.

She followed it up with an Instagram Story at Newcastle Airport – which had a flight to Majorca scheduled as a destination. Later tweeting: “Middle seat on the plane. This is bad. Gin is the only answer.”

It comes after news broke that Jack’s ex, Ellie Jones, could very well also be entering the villa in a bid to win him back after him and Dani officially became a real couple, as opposed a reality-TV-constructed one.

“Ellie recently quit her job as a secretary and told everyone in the office that she’s going on Love Island,” a source told The Sun.

“She said that after seeing Jack on TV, she got in in touch with the show and asked to go on.

“She and Jack were very off and on, but were together two days before he went on the show.

“She wants him back and will go in there trying to get back together with him. It’s bad news for Dani as Ellie and Jack have a lot of history.”

So, all in all, it looks like the blokes of Love Island are in for some tricky situations in the coming weeks.