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26th Jul 2016

People didn’t know how to handle Channel 4’s new naked dating show

Laid bare.

Kevin Beirne

This is it, we have reached the end of culture.

There was a time when TV dating shows carried a certain whimsical charm, like the cringey innuendo that made Blind Date so popular in its heyday, and even the modern First Dates allows us the voyeuristic joy of watching two people trying to make a connection for the first time.

But Channel 4’s newest dating show has no time for such subtlety and strips away all these pretensions – quite literally.

In case you missed it, the basis of the new series Naked Attraction is that six people stand naked in a pod and one person eliminates the people they don’t want to have sex with as more and more of their body is revealed. And yes, they start from the genitals and work their way up.

In case you’re unsure, just know that we’re not exaggerating. Viewers at home got to see everything too.

And fair play to the folks at Channel 4, because they certainly got a reaction out of the British public.

There were those who hated it.

But others enjoyed the show’s naked honesty.

And some were stuck in the middle.

Though some of the reasons for rejecting people were harsh…

Not everyone knew how to handle it.

And some even had suggestions on how to expand the show’s reach.

But at the end of the day, there was one hero.

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