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01st Jun 2018

People are sharing their unpopular Disney opinions and the passion is astounding

Mufasa deserved to die???


Unpopular Opinion: Content Edition.

People have been sharing their unpopular opinions on Twitter this week and inevitably, quite a bit of savagery has ensued.

On the subject of food, people went off and, to be honest, really let themselves down.

Relationships? You better believe there some harsh truths being delivered over on

Friendships are also being served a rude awakening as people indirectly tweeted their friends that have been wronging them.

Even something as seemingly inoffensive as music touched a sore spot for many people.

To bring a bit of sanctity back into proceedings, we decided to tackle Disney. Fun, educational, entertaining and wholesome Disney. We asked our followers for their unpopular Disney opinions and frankly, the results were more passionate than we ever could’ve expected.

In summary, people feel incredibly passionate about Disney movies and also there’s no such thing as an unpopular opinion.

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