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21st Dec 2017

People are saying the same thing after that final Peaky Blinders scene

Paul Moore

Now, this would certainly change things.

Here’s a spoiler alert…by order of the Peaky Blinders.

You know, just in case you haven’t seen the season finale.

Season 4 of Peaky Blinders started with Tommy Selby blackmailing his way into receiving an OBE. It ended with him being elected as Labour M.P for Birmingham.

You could argue that he has more integrity, ambition, and brains than most of the people in Westminster, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion (Cough, cough)

All things considered, Tommy would make a pretty popular M.P. After all, he’s a decorated war hero that saved lives during WWI. After coming home, he oversaw the remarkable growth and expansion of his business empire that includes pubs, bookies, restaurants, factories, distilleries and more.

In terms of local values, he’s still a Brummie at heart and retains the love of the people in Small Heath.

Then again, he does have a few ‘marks’ on his record – people tend to frown on gangsters and murders – but he’d still get our vote!

In fact, plenty of people think the same. With the likelihood of a meeting with Al Capone on the cards, can Tommy commit to his new role as an M.P? We wouldn’t put it past him!

The campaign to make Tommy the Prime Minister starts here.

After that final scene was aired, it’s clear that Tommy has already got plenty of support.

Vote for Tommy.

On the other side of things…