People are already addicted to Sky's brilliant new drama and they can't stop raving about it 3 years ago

People are already addicted to Sky's brilliant new drama and they can't stop raving about it

Your next addiction during the crap weather. People are already calling for a second season!

While the Beast from the East continues to wreak havoc with our daily lives, there's one upside to the crap weather, we get to catch up on some films and TV!


We've already given you our list of the best films to watch on Netflix during Storm Emma, but if  you're looking for an addictive new TV show to devour, Sky Atlantic might have the thing for you.

As stated previously, we've had our eye on Save Me for quite some time and it appears that Lennie James' new drama has made a serious impression on those that have seen it. In fact, people are already calling for a second season to be commissioned!

Ok, what's it about?

Save Me is the story of an unlikely hero who embarks on a rocky road to redemption. Lennie James (The Walking Dead, Snatch) stars as Nelly, the life and soul of his local boozer: a charmer, a chancer, a fighter, a liar and, at his age, a man who should know better.

But his life on a London council estate is about to take on a dramatic new purpose. Nelly’s 13-year-old daughter has gone missing and he has been accused of her abduction. They haven’t had any contact in a decade, but now the only thing that matters is finding her. As her mum and Nelly’s ex, Claire (Suranne Jones) begins to fall apart while Nelly is thrust on a journey towards becoming a better man and atoning for his troubled past.

The award-winning producers of Line of duty are behind this one and the cast is second to none. Lennie James (The Walking Dead, Snatch), Suranne Jones (Dr. Foster) and Stephen Graham (This Is England, Boardwalk Empire) all feature - James also wrote the script.


Save Me is available to watch online and it's also available to stream on NOW TV. 

If you prefer watching the traditional way, it continues to air Wednesdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

It appears that plenty of people are already addicted.




Here's a look at what's in store.