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21st Dec 2017

Peaky Blinders fans were absolutely torn after one superb scene

Paul Moore


Have you processed everything that went on in the Peaky Blinders Season 4 finale? No, us neither. 

Yet again, if you haven’t seen it yet then consider this to be your spoiler alert warning.

Look away now.

Did anyone else feel like they needed a strong whiskey/gin/rum after watching that episode? Right from that opening scene in the locker room, we sensed that something wasn’t right between Alfie and Tommy as ‘The Wandering Jew’ planned on betraying his ally to Luca Changretta. A small taste of the madness that was about to unfold.

As Bonnie Gold and ‘Goliath’ knocked six shades of shit out of each other, the Shelby ladies had a funny and emotional heart-to-heart which in typical Peaky Blinders fashion involved cocaine, gin, and smokes!

Fans were shocked as Arthur was strangled to death and with the family in mourning, it appeared that Michael was about to pay a heavy price, exile to the US, for his loyalty to Polly.

This being said, Tommy always has a plan and fans of the show were giddy when he turned the tables on Luca by making a deal with his own rivals in the New York and Chicago. It’s fitting that Arthur delivered the fatal bullet to Luca.

After taking some time off and descending into a booze-soaked and PTSD hell, Tommy returned to work but there was another important piece of business that’s worth mentioning No, we’re not talking about his decision to run for Labour! Of course, it’s that emotional showdown with Alfie.

Truth be told, that scene on the beach split the loyalties of Peaky Blinders fans.

On one hand, Alfie Solomons has always been deceitful, shifty and untrustworthy – that’s why we love him so much. He deserved to die because as we all know ‘ you don’t f**k with the Peaky Blinders.’

On the other side of things, we’re really going to miss him – if he is actually dead – because nobody in the show delivered one-liners quite like Tom Hardy.

That scene was dripping with pathos because there’s such a complex history between these two beloved characters. To add to things, we also got the revelation that Alfie was suffering from cancer.

The term ‘rollercoaster of emotions’ was perfectly apt to describe this showdown.

To be fair, Alfie had it coming after he betrayed Tommy and made a deal with the devil – Luca Changretta.

This being said, plenty of people were heartbroken to see Alfie die. After all, it’s Alfie!

Will Alfie live? Some fans think that we haven’t seen the last of Camden’s most beloved gangster. After getting shot in the face, we’re going to rule out resurrection but it would be some twist!

We need to know if someone is going to look after that poor dog.

The real loser in all of us – aside from every single Tom Hardy fan in the world – is clearly….

We live in hope.

If he is dead, RIP Alfie Solomons. You untrustworthy, angry, hilarious and utterly brilliant character.