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20th Apr 2018

Pat Phelan set to return to Corrie tonight to finish the job

Warning: Potential spoilers. Also warning: Pat Phelan

Kyle Picknell

Pat’s back.

A couple of weeks ago the seemingly indestructible Pat Phelan got pushed off the side of a lighthouse into the freezing cold sea during the middle night. It was all fine though, apparently, because big Pat P has his 50m swimming badges and excellent blood circulation.

It was meant to be the final confrontation between Eileen and her stalker, but it has since been revealed that one of soap’s most-hated villains somehow managed to survive, probably because he is Pat Phelan, and he is expected to return tonight to Weatherfield to do more bad, bad things, again, because he is Pat Phelan.

He is expected to showdown with Gary Windass at some point, but Eileen could again be in danger as viewers will watch her receive abusive online messages, have her tyres on her car put out AND have a house-key stolen. It’s all going somewhere isn’t it? I doubt whoever it is wants to come round for some tea and bourbons.

Is it Pat up to no-good once again?

I mean yeah. The answer is yeah. Probably. Probably definitely yeah.

Here he is getting shoved and then booted off the side of a lighthouse by a helpless elderly woman for your viewing pleasure.

He’s not actually very good at this, is he? He is actually really quite terrible at killing people. He is actually really, really bad.