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23rd Apr 2018

The hilarious outtakes from Peter Kay’s Car Share are guaranteed to make you laugh

Paul Moore


With Peter Kay’sCar Share set to return on Monday, May 7 , it’s clear that the popularity of the comedian is as strong as ever. Despite the unfortunate cancellations of his recent tour, Car Share fans will be glued to the latest episode as we’re promised to finally see what happens between John and Kayleigh.

If these positive reviews are anything to go by, fans won’t be disappointed.

In fact, one person that got a sneak preview of the new episode said that it’s “one of the funniest things I have ever seen!”

The Bafta-winning show returns soon which is very good news because you’ve plenty of time to reacquaint yourself with some magic moments like these outtakes.

With the imminent return of Car Share, an old clip of the show’s outtakes has recently gone viral and you can see why.

Take a look at Reece Shearsmith as he tries to sing Ini Kamoze’s beloved ’90s tune, Here Comes The Hotstepper.

The look on Peter Kay’s face is priceless!

There’s even better news for Car Share fans because as Kay’s official website confirmed, there’s going to be “a full second series repeat of Car Share on Monday nights which will conclude with a brand new series finale to be screened on the second Bank Holiday, 28th May.”


Clip via – Comedy Center