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15th Jun 2018

No, Laura from Love Island doesn’t have a secret child

Wil Jones

The thing about Love Island is that it brings out the Instagram detectives

Amateur sleuth who think of themselves as iPhone Benedict Cumberbatches, going full CSI scrolling back 30 months through the contestants’’ timeline.

And to be fair, it has brought up a few things of interest. Like Jack before he got his blindingly white chompers, or when he liked one of Dani’s photos before the show.

Sometimes though, they dig up something and jump to a wild conclusion. So people went through Laura’s Insta, and found this photo of her with baby.

Which made people think she had a secret child. The photo of her with a child names Ava was accompanied with this caption.

“Ava I love you! Happy 6th birthday beautiful princess.

“You make me so happy and I’m so proud of the kind, funny and talented little girl you’ve become. I’ll see you when you get back for more presents and hugs yayyyy.”

But she is not Drake, and we are not Pusha T. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, but the whole thing was pretty easy to explain. Here’s the answer: Ava is her niece.

She’s growing up too fast. I’m not a regular aunt I’m a cool aunt


See, not everything is a government cover-up.


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