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06th Jun 2018

Someone has dug up photos of Love Island’s Jack before he got those blinding white teeth

Wil Jones

So we’re less than a week into Love Island, and already it feels like it never went away

We have another handful attractive twenty-somethings wondering around a villa in their swimming costumes, and already people have picked their favourites and villains.

One particular piece of anatomy has really stood out though (not, nothing like that, don’t be crude). And that is Jack Fincham’s blinding white teeth.

His glowing chompers have lit up the villa, and people have quickly pointed out which pop culture figure he reminds them of.

Obviously, they can’t be natural, and some internet detectives (read: people can be be bothered to scroll 41 months back through his Instagram) have unearthed photos of him pre-tipex teeth. And here are their findings.

Wow, he looks like a regular human being.