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19th Apr 2018

Nicolas Cage has announced he’s going to quit acting soon

Wil Jones

Nooooo! Think of all the future classics we’ll missing out on.

Nicolas Cage is one of the greatest actors of his generation, starring in stone-cold classics like Adaptation, Wild At Heart, Face/Off, Con Air, Bad Lieutenant, Kick Ass and Leaving Las Vega.

Nicholas Cage is also one of the craziest actors of his generation, starring in films like The Wicker Man, Vampire’s Kiss, Ghost Rider: Spirits of Vengeance and Drive Angry.

Whatever your opinion on him, you have to admit that the film world is far more interesting with him in it. Which is what makes his recent announcement so depressing. In a video interview with The Blast, he says he is going to quit acting in about “three or four years” to concentrate on on directing.

“Directing is something I look forward to down the road. Right now, I’m primarily a film performer and I’m gonna continue doing that for three or four more years and I’d like to focus more on directing.”

Cage has only directed one movie before – 2002’s Sonny, starring James Franco. Though he has set up him own production company, Saturn Films. Whatever the case, it’s a said day for cinema. And memes.


Nicolas Cage