Netflix is adding the new murder mystery that everyone's talking about 1 year ago

Netflix is adding the new murder mystery that everyone's talking about

Mindhunter meets Jack the Ripper. This will be your new addiction.

Good news for anyone that loves a riveting murder mystery because the highly anticipated series The Alienist will be available to watch on Netflix from 19 April.

We've had our eye on the show for quite some time - it made our list of TV shows to watch in 2018 - and if you love true crime stories, you're in luck.

An unflinching psychological thriller set amidst the underbelly of New York City’s “Gilded Age,” The Alienist follows Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Brühl, Inglourious Basterds, Rush, Captain America: Civil War), a brilliant and obsessive alienist in the controversial new field of treating mental pathologies. Despite the field being new, Laszlo holds the key to hunting down a never-before-seen ritualistic killer that's murdering young boys.

As a series of haunting, gruesome murders has gripped the city, the newly appointed police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt has appointed criminal psychology Dr. Laszlo Kreizler to solve the case. He's joined by New York Times illustrator John Moore and Sara Howard, a headstrong secretary determined to become the city's first female police detective, as they set out to find and apprehend one of New York City's very first serial killers.

Based on the award-winning, fan-favourite novel by Caleb Carr, with Luke Evans (The Girl on the Train) and Dakota Fanning (American Pastoral) also featuring, The Alienist is a gripping, turn-of-the-century murder mystery like none other.

The series also stars Brian Geraghty (The Hurt Locker) as police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt, David Wilmot (Captain Connor), Douglas Smith (Miss Sloane) and Matthew Shear (Mistress America) as Marcus and Lucius Isaacson, twin brothers who help unravel the disturbing mystery.

Take a look at what's in store.