Nando's surprises Stormzy with his very own burger 5 years ago

Nando's surprises Stormzy with his very own burger

Every self-respecting fast food joint has a "secret menu", and grime MC Stormzy is inspiring Nando's latest entry.

After Stormzy tweeted that halloumi and bread is a "burger in itself", Nando's has taken tips from the star to create the "#Merky Burger" (hashtag included).


Featuring grilled halloumi in a Portuguese wrap, for now it's unclear whether or not this is a mock-up menu or an actual addition to the Nando's menu.


Nevertheless, fans were quick to chime in on Twitter suggesting the combination is already a secret menu item for veterans of the chain.

According to Ryan Bassil, music editor at Noisey and Nando's regular, the burger costs £3.55 (£8.55 in total with fries and unlimited refills). He had to build the burger himself though.


Go on, Nando's, give Stormzy one of your legendary black cards. He deserves it.