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11th Jun 2023

Naked Attraction axed by Channel 4, according to reports

Charlie Herbert

Naked Attraction axed by Channel 4

Say it ain’t so

Naked Attraction has become the latest Channel 4 show to be canned as part of money-saving measures, according to reports.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest television phenomenons of the last 10 years, the dating show blew people’s minds when it first aired in 2016.

The show sees the naked bodies of six contestants slowly revealed as they stand in colourful boxes. Meanwhile, another person judges them as they see more of the contestants’ bodies, before eventually choosing one person to take on a date.

Over the years, the show has seen all sorts, from dancing penises to nervous walk-offs, and let’s be honest, we’ve all watched it at least once after thinking “but surely they’re not completely naked though, right?”

But it seems like this unique chapter in British television is coming to an end.

The Mail on Sunday reports that the show has been axed by Channel 4 as part of money-saving efforts at the broadcaster.

An insider told the paper: “The casting team were already in place to start on Naked Attraction and were all told they were no longer needed as they were not making another series.

“They tried to lessen the blow to the show’s freelance crew by saying they hope to make another series in December, but that doesn’t help them now.”

It comes amid a number of cuts from Channel 4 as it faces rising production costs and reduced advertising spending.

Earlier this week, it was announced that one of its most popular shows, The Last Leg, has had its upcoming series cut from nine to seven episodes.

Responding to these reports, the show’s host Adam Hills joked: “I mean, if ever there’s a show that can cope with losing a few bits, it’s ours.”

Meanwhile, reality series Four Weddings has been axed ahead of its fourth series, as has Danny Dyer-hosted show Scared of the Dark.

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