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23rd Dec 2016

Modest Ricky Gervais tells the world he’s not as well endowed as this pic would have you believe

Seth Rogen enjoyed it...


Just read that headline once again. This, my friends, is proper news…

Ricky Gervais shared a picture with his 11.7m Twitter followers on Thursday evening.

It showed the amusing arrangement of the ‘recently added movies’ section of one of his streaming services. You’d swear this was more than just coincidence, wouldn’t you?

A picture of himself, posing as David Brent for the recent Life on the Road film, can be seen next to the artwork for American animated comedy Sausage Party, and, well… it’s enough to make most of us let out a childish snigger…

Dory looks pretty impressed, mind.

Being the modest man we’ve come to know and love, Ricky points out in his tweet that his penis isn’t quite the size of the one he appears to have in the picture.

Meanwhile Seth Rogen – voice of Sausage Party’s main character Frank Wienerton – has also got involved.

At this time of year, you just can’t beat a heart-warming, penis-related exchange between two celebrities, can you?

Merry Christmas, everyone.