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09th Oct 2023

Married At First Sight UK star Brad Skelly kicked off show

Steve Hopkins

Women’s Aid has spoken out about ‘distressing scenes’ in the show

Married At Fight Sight contestant Brad Skelly has been axed from the show in what is the second controversy for the E4 show.

Producers reportedly grew concerned after the 27-year-old model displayed “controlling and coercive” behaviour towards his wife, 31-year-old Shona Manderson.

The controversy comes after the show was the subject of a “fakery” row before it even aired over trans contestant Ella Morgan. It was initially reported that her husband, Nathanial Valentino, 36, was unaware of her transition before marrying the 29-year-old, and later the show was criticised after the show made it appear like her revelation was a shock to him.

Distressing scenes involved Skelly and Manderson, a teacher, last week led to Women’s Aid airing concerns about his behaviour. He told her to “shut up” at the dinner party, and then during the commitment ceremony spoke of “allowing her” to do things.

A show source told The Sun: “The relationship with Shona was getting toxic.

“Bosses stepped in before the situation got out of hand.”

In tearful scenes still to be seen, dating coach Paul Carrick Brunson tells Skelly and Shona that they have to exit the popular show that, at the title suggests, pairs couples who have to marry as soon as they see each other.

The controversy involving Skelly comes after a contestant on the show last year, financial advisor George Roberts, was arrested for alleged controlling and coercive behaviour.

A Channel 4 spokesman said: “If any relationships on MAFS UK develop in a way that is deemed unhealthy we take expert advice as to whether the couple should leave the process.

“This was the case with Brad and Shona. Support is available at all times.”

MAFS fans became concerned with the way Brad was speaking and behaving around Shona last week, with a “bullying” row erupting.

The situation was sparked after an honesty box question prompted one couple to rank how genuine the connection was between each pairing.

Skelly and Manderson instantly made a physical connection after meeting and were quick to tell their co-stars they were in love, something they were very sceptical about.

When the couple was ranked last, Skelly shrugged it off, but Manderson took issue with it. Skelly found this increasingly frustrating, calling her out for needing “external validation”, and then when she kept pushing the issue, he told her to “shut up”.

The experts, watching on from another room, was aghast at his behaviour.

Mel Schilling, said, “Ooooh, wow.”

Skelly and Manderson later claimed on social media that the show did not show the full picture.

Skelly shared a picture of himself in bed covering his face, with the caption: “That edit was difficult to watch.”

The model also added: “Always remember you are only seeing snippets for drama. Try not to have an emotional resilience to a person you have never sat down and had a conversation with physically.”

Manderson simply thanks fans for their support.