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27th Mar 2023

Married at First Sight fans see resemblance between Melinda and Janice from The Muppets

Steve Hopkins

‘No malice but just what I see’

Melinda Willis claimed to be a “9.5 on a bad day” on her wedding day on popular show, Married at First Sight Australia, and that she would have swiped left on her groom.

But while self-assured businesswoman has been divisive from the get-go, some fans of the show have made a rather unflattering comparison.

They’ve compared the 31-year-old from Brisbane, with a muppet, called Janice. She also has long-blonde hair and pouty lips.

On The Muppet Show, Janice is the lead guitarist in The Electric Mayhem band and also plays the part of Nurse Janice in Veterinarian’s Hospital. She also features in a number of other sketches.

Writing on a MAFS Facebook group page, one fan said: “Sorry just had to say Melinda has a strong resemblance to a Muppet. No malice but just what I see with them big lips.”

Another fan agreed, writing: “I love Mel but did think same.”

The conversation then moved to Melinda’s lips, and if she needed to have them cosmetically altered: “She doesn’t need them. She looks so much nicer with just lip gloss not bright lipstick,” one fan wrote.

Echoing the sentiment, another fan wrote: “She would be so pretty without the big lips, she doesn’t need them a natural beauty.”

Fans on Twitter have noticed the similarity too, with one comparing Melinda and her groom, Layton Mills, to the robot C-3PO from Star Wars.

Melinda married fellow CEO, Layton, on the show – now in its 10th season – and the couple has been one of this series’ greatest success stories.