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01st Feb 2022

Marilyn Manson reportedly working closely with Kanye West on Donda 2

Danny Jones

While it might not be the combo you’d expect, they have worked together before

Kanye West is apparently already working on Donda 2 and – somewhat surprisingly – hard rock veteran Marilyn Manson is reportedly very close to the project.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Donda producer and long time collaborator of Ye’s, Digital Nas, says that Manson is pretty much a constant presence on the project: “Every day I go to the studio, Marilyn is in there working on Donda 2.”

The 23-year-old producer and musician, who has already made beats for everyone from Kanye and ASAP Rocky to Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti, went on to reveal that their collaboration isn’t as jarring as you’d think.


“He doesn’t want Marilyn to play rap beats,” assures Nas, “he wants Marilyn to play what he makes, and then Ye will take parts of that and sample parts of that and use parts of that, like he did [when making] Yeezus.”

This isn’t the first time the two have worked together either – in fact, Kanye and Manson worked together on the original Donda, featuring on “Jail Pt 2” and even appearing on stage with him at the listening party in Chicago.

Donda listening party Chicago

Nas went on to elaborate that there are “some producers from Yeezus working on Donda 2 this time around, [as well as] Marilyn, me, [and] a bunch of producers from ‘Donda 1′.”

Manson’s inclusion on the album will come as controversial news for many reasons, not least because of his long-running sexual assault allegations from at least 16 different women.

Most recently, actor Evan Rachel Wood – who previously gave a stirring testimony regarding her past treatment while working with and dating the 53-year-old – claimed that he “essentially raped” her in a recent documentary.

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